The future: Biologicals in the crop protection industry, a good tool that will require farm management
By Gustavo Sosa.

From the first ancients’ farmers in Egypt to the actual farmers worldwide, they have in common that weeds must be controlled.
They used different methods. The original farmers used some plant species to control weeds and that was a good idea. But the larger area in the field makes obsolete to think in that ancient method.
In the moder agriculture, the synthetic chemicals were the chosen tool. It is curious that biologicals in some ways is a return to the ancient agriculture in many ways.
Biotechnology is the tool we are using to develop natural active ingredients for the crop protection industry. We now do not to cultivate specific plant species in the border of the crops to control weeds, we today use natural molecules from different biological sources. A 2.0 version of the original farmers in Egypt…

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