Rosario, March 2023
Bioceres Crop Solutions and INBIOAR sign an important strategic alliance.

Bioceres Crop Solutions, the leading agricultural biotechnology company that providesproductivity
solutions with high-impact proprietary technologies for seeds and microbial inputs;and next-generation
crop protection and nutrition solutions along with Inbioar, the company that carries out research into the
development of ingredients for the crop protection industry, have signed an alliance with the firm objective of developing prototypebioherbicides.
This agreement will be taken forward using some of the prototypes that Inbioarhas effectively developed
over the last few years through its proven research methodology and selection of bio-solutions based on
plant extracts,which has a continuously evolving library of extracts and active ingredients.
The convention seeks support from Bioceres Crop Solutions’ solid leadership position in global agricultural markets, with its range of products marketed in more than 40 countries, especially in Argentina, Brazil, USA, Europe and South Africa; as well as its capacity and expertise; both in the development and formulation of prototypes for their registration and commercialisation.