Probelte and INBIOAR sign a strategic alliance for the research, development and market of Bio solutions based on plant extracts.

Probelte’s strategic alliance with INBIOAR promotes the development of novel bioherbicides to manage daily issues in the field in a more respectful and sustainable way.
The alliance would develop crop-specific biosolutions, focusing on management of weeds, biotic stress (nematodes, fungi, insects) as well as abiotic factors.
Probelte SAU, a leading company in the field of biosolutions for the care and protection of crops develops, produces and markets a wide range of solutions for plant health based on microorganisms, living and/or their metabolites, INBIOAR referenced in the methodology for the research and screening of biosolutions based on plant extracts.

Bioherbicides, agrobiotechnology for the effective and sustainable management of weeds.

Biosolutions are the future of the field. Traditionally, herbicides have always been controversial products due to their detrimental effect not only to control objectives, but also to other living beings, vegetables or animals, collateral victims of their use.
The collaboration between both companies will be initially concentrated on the generation of bioherbicides, Probelte will bring its experience in development, registration and marketing and InBioar its unique and effective research and discovery methodology.
This collaboration is focused on a method developed by INBIAOR for the selection in the field of bioherbicide producing plants and its subsequent confirmation in the laboratory, leading to prototypes of solutions in the crop protection industry.

“Probelte and INBIOAR share views and values in their business strategies based on the need to produce more food, with less aggressive agricultural practices for people and the environment, and with renewable and sustainable natural sources,” explains Lluis Compte, Director of Strategic Marketing at Probelte, regarding the collaboration.
“With this ambitious project we want to provide the knowledge, and the innovative products, to control weeds and pests in a safer and more efficient way, thanks to the scientific investment that arises from this collaboration,” affirms Dr. Arturo Lizón Nordstrom, CEO of Probelte. “We hope this will make a significant impact on the entire agri-food chain, from the farmer to the final consumer.”
PROBELTE, based in Murcia (Spain) is an agro company highly focused on offering integrable solutions in high value-added crops in which it highlights its commitment to bio research, the generation of knowledge, and support for the use of its solutions. Pioneering and highly recognized for the high quality and effectiveness of bioinsecticides, biobotricides and biofertilizers.
With more than 50 years of experience in the agricultural sector and more than 20 years developing solutions based on selected microorganisms, Probelte is a pioneer in the sector of biotechnology applied to agriculture and its comprehensive solutions for the health and protection of crops are marketed in more than 50 countries.

INBIOAR is an example of excellence in the methodology for the research and screening of biosolutions based on plant extracts. Based in Rosario, Santa Fe, this company founded in 2011 has a research team led by Gustavo Sosa and a scientific and business committee of proven reputation.
For the development of this ambitious project and alliance, coordination of the current research and knowledge generation centres in Murcia, Rosario and Raleigh, universities and other research centres and work teams in Chile, Paraguay, Mexico and Southern Europe will be key.